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Brief introduction of radio frequency anti-counterfeiting platform:

One, platform purpose

With the progress of science and technology, the technology of counterfeiting is also improving. A large number of products from all walks of life have been put into the market after being counterfeited. The traditional anti-counterfeiting technology has been lagging behind. The market is full of all kinds of goods, consumers and businesses are suffering from fakes. RFID technology is widely used in various anti-counterfeiting traceability because of its uniqueness, difficulty to crack and low cost. A F Ed's anti-counterfeiting traceability platform developed by RFID technology aims to protect the products of merchants from being counterfeited and enhance their brand reputation.

Two, platform function

1. protection of goods to prevent being forged,

2. real-time recording of commodity information to prevent exchange of goods from goods

3. online shopping mall to help businesses increase sales channels

Three, platform composition

1. anti-counterfeit traceability APP

2. cloud database

3. RFID electronic label

4. reading and writing equipment

5. consumer mobile phone

Four, platform advantage

RFID uses the global unique ID code of each tag to perfectly protect products and prevent counterfeiting. As long as consumers download the corresponding APP by mobile phone, they can read the internal code of the product and confirm the authenticity of the product.

The readability of RFID tags can change the information and status of products at any time. From the goods to the factory, to the various logistics links, distribution links, all the information can be recorded at any time, and can be read by consumers and merchants to improve the trust of the merchant in the heart of the consumer.

The reading function of RFID tags can help businesses to manage warehousing and logistics and help businesses conduct inventory checks.

The platform integrates the advantages of online shopping mall and RFID technology. It can monitor the state of goods in real time, prevent goods in stock and replenish goods in time.
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