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One, platform purpose

More and more people in modern society are likely to have the demand of shopping at any time, and the entity retail from the large supermarket to the door store is limited by the address, time, manual and so on, and can not meet people's shopping needs at any time in 24 hours. Unmanned retail stores can be laid everywhere, because they are small in size, in a large variety of goods, and do not require manual labor. At any time and anywhere to meet the needs of people, A F Ed's unmanned retail platform is a platform developed to help build unmanned retail stores for the current unmanned retail market.

Two, platform function

No monitoring, no collection, shortage tips, cargo management

Three, platform composition

1. Computer

2. The equipment for collecting Silver

3. Database system

4, electronic label

5. Read and write equipment

Four. A brief introduction to the use

An unmanned retail platform is to paste every commodity in a retail store with a RFID tag. The information price of the commodity is written in the electronic label, and the customer selects the goods to the cashier. The reading and writing equipment laid on the cash register will automatically read the information in the label, settle the price of all the goods selected by the customer, and display it on the screen. Customers use mobile phones to scan the two-dimensional code of the screen, and the background data tells the goods to be sold. It can manage the quantity of goods in the shop in real time and replenish goods in time.

Five, platform advantage

1. a large quantity of goods can be laid out in a very small volume and no need to receive cash.

2. no one is on duty, it can open 24 hours, reduce labor cost.

3. low access threshold, can be laid in various communities and schools.

4. commodity management is convenient, can count the quantity of goods at any time, replenish the goods in time. And big data can be used to analyze which commodities are best sellers and timely adjust the layout of goods.
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