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Introduction to the intelligent medical platform:

One, platform purpose

The state promotes the health care plan and sets up medical records for every citizen in the society. Hospitals receive various kinds of patients every day, and the management efficiency of traditional patient records is very low. When the hospital moves or the medical treatment is upgraded, it is easy to cause the loss of medical records. The flow of people and errors in patients' files are likely to cause serious medical errors. A F Ed's smart medical platform helps hospitals to carry out information management. Let each patient enter the hospital will have his own identity information, to facilitate patient management, improve medical efficiency, respond to national medical appeal.

Two, platform function

Accurate management of each patient and case will not cause confusion.

The patient's information can be directly entered into the computer without manual input.

Integrated medical services, and establish a complete health record.

Networking with national health centers, big data management of patients and cases

Three, platform composition

1. Cloud database

2. System terminal

3. Every reading and writing device, handset, etc.

4, RFID medical wristband, medical label

Four. A brief introduction to the use

When each patient enters a hospital, the patient is sent to a RFID medical wristband, and when the wristband is sent, the client's identity information can be attached to the chip computer by the computer. Whether the client is hospitalized, surgery or doorway consultation. All departments can read the customer information in the wristband in real time and upload the data directly to the terminal after the diagnosis is completed. It will not cause misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

Five, platform advantage

Smart medical platform can greatly save medical management costs and reduce medical accidents. The whole medical process can be truly paperless, information-based, and reduce medical costs.
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